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Aq Worlds Hacks

Post  Razorheart on Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:43 pm

Hell Quest is now hosted on squad coding.

Unique Feature That No Trainer Has:

When you open the trainer look for a button that writes "Load Auto Script" on it. When you click it you'll see a list of autoers. For instance if you click on "Oven Bolt (cornycopia)" and press "Load Selected Autoer" it won't be just a regular autoer!! It'll teleport you to the map the autoer was made for automatically(and to a random high number room where no one can find you) and it'll set the spam delay to something that suits that autoer and it'll start the autoer right away!!!.

New in version 0.8x:

-Removed the "receive" button which didn't work and added a "legion" button which opens your default browser and takes you to the legion of the chimera official site(v0.835)

-Added an incomplete CRC which will be completed in later versions(v0.835)

-Fixed rat king autoer(v0.835)

-Custom graphics(v0.83)

-People were having problems connecting to my hosting so i uploaded my files to three different hosts and now you can choose any 3 of them to connect! (v0.82)

-Tons of custom stuff(welcome screen, background music) but still the same size!

-Custom welcome screen!!!

-At start the game will ask you if you wanna play Hell Quest theme as the background music! but be cautious because not everyone can love the musics I listen to lol. It's Death Metal.

P.S: Be sure that you have a fast connection in order to listen to the music without interference.

-Removed mod chat and put whisper & emote instead. When you select whisper as your chat style your chat box will be split into two: the first box is where you write the other user's name and the second is what you wanna write to that character. You see I didn't use two text boxes and wasted space like other trainers.

-Removed Oven Bolt autoer because AE removed the map that quest was on.

Coming in the next version (v0.85):
To Download Hellquest here: clown

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